April 18, 2014

7:53 PM | File Exchange Now Hosts GitHub!
Let’s say you’ve created an awesome MATLAB file, and you want the world to know about it. So you go to the File Exchange page and click on the big blue button that says “Submit a File”. In the past, you’d see a page that asks you to submit a... read more >>
3:35 PM | Dark color schemes with ILPanel
I recently got a request for help in building an application, where ILPanel was supposed to create some plots with a dark background area. Dark color schemes are very popular in some industrial domains and ILNumerics’ ILPanel gives the full … Continue reading →
1:00 PM | KML2STRUCT – Easily Import Your KML Files
Sean's pick this week is kml2struct by James Slegers. Import Your KML Files Earlier this week, my friend sent me a Google Maps link containing our hiking tracks... read more >>
3:58 AM | Stacking Paper – 3 Act Math Task
Another post from Tap Into Teen Minds. Enjoy! Students determine "How many packages of paper will it take to reach the ceiling?" Use proportional reasoning, linear relations and direct variation. The post Stacking Paper – 3 Act Math Task appeared first on Tap Into Teen Minds.

April 17, 2014

7:16 PM | Simplify, simplify, simplify
Simplify, simplify, simplify I often say that one my greatest qualifications for troubleshooting MATLAB code is that I know I am not that clever, so I have to simplify things until I can understand them easily. It works really well when debugging MATLAB code. Use simpler data: Instead of... read more >>
5:39 PM | Multiple Choice Questions: Not So Ordinary Anymore
The latest posts on the Maplesoft Blog
3:16 PM | Playing with Triangular Decompositions
Guest blogger Juan Camilo Acevedo is part of the University of Chicago’s Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education (CEMSE) digital team, where he develops Sketchpad-based activities for Everyday Mathematics. Currently, he teaches undergraduate language classes at the University of … Continue reading →

April 16, 2014

3:15 PM | Q&A with SpinDynamica Creator Malcolm Levitt
Professor Malcolm Levitt is Head of Magnetic Resonance at the University of Southampton and a leader in the field of magnetic resonance research. In the early 2000s, he began programming SpinDynamica—a set of Mathematica packages that run spin dynamical calculations—to explore magnetic resonance concepts and develop experiments. SpinDynamica is an open-source package that Professor Levitt [...]

April 15, 2014

5:20 PM | The Physics of da Vinci and Euler
Today is the birthday of two famous physicists, though that is not how they are commonly remembered. The first is Leonardo da Vinci, who would turn 562 today. He is best remembered as an artist, but did experiments in physics, architecture, botany, anatomy, and engineering. The second is Leonhard Euler, who would turn 307 today. [...]
2:01 PM | Fractal Art
Fratals are mathematical structures emerging from recursive equations with complex numbers. A famous example for fractals is the Mandelbrot Set. This set originates from a very simple equation. The Mandelbrot Set is for a number c the set of complex numbers where this equation does not diverge.Here we collected fractals created with the Frax-App. Take a look!
2:00 PM | Getting Lukewarmer
Last November, I was in my car on a Friday afternoon and listening to WBUR.  Regular listeners will know that Friday afternoons are special because it’s when Science Friday is broadcasted.  On that particular Friday, the topic was about how long mammals take to urinate.  Apparently, some researchers have shown that most mammals take about the same amount of time ...
9:50 AM | Sangakoo a l’Ara Emprenem
El passat diumenge 6 d’abril, Andrea Rodés, periodista del diari Ara, va publicar un article sobre Sangakoo al especial Ara Emprenem. Per llegir el reportatge sencer, feu clic aquí.
8:35 AM | El informe PISA, los problemas cotidianos y Sangakoo
En la oficina de Sangakoo, la física y la virtual -que también tenemos-, hace días que discutimos sobre si el último informe PISA, que ha concluído la dificultad que tienen los niños españoles en resolver problemas cotidianos, tiene que ver o no con las matemáticas, y si en ese entorno, Sangakoo puede ayudar. Después de […]
3:37 AM | Leonhard Euler
Leonhard Euler war einer der wichtigsten Mathematiker des 18. Jahrhunderts. Während seiner Zeit in Berlin und St. Petersburg lieferte er fundamentale Beiträge zur Integral- und Differentialrechnung und gilt daher als Begründer der modernen Analysis. Mehr zu Leonhard Euler, seinen Arbeiten und ein Video finden Sie hier.

April 14, 2014

3:20 AM | Does Memorizing Multiplication Tables Hurt More Than Help?
Another post from Tap Into Teen Minds. Enjoy! Are students suffering in math because we no longer memorize multiplication tables?Understanding multiplication is much more valuable for students to apply... The post Does Memorizing Multiplication Tables Hurt More Than Help? appeared first on Tap Into Teen Minds.

April 13, 2014

3:47 AM | Great Read – Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
Another post from Tap Into Teen Minds. Enjoy! Are you aware of the two mindsets that exist in your classroom? Do you know how you can help move your students towards a growth mindset? Read to learn how! The post Great Read – Mindset: The New Psychology of Success appeared first on Tap Into Teen Minds.

April 11, 2014

1:00 PM | Accessing low-cost software defined radio
Idin's pick this week is Communications System Toolbox Support Package for RTL-SDR Radio by MathWorks Communications System Toolbox Team. There has been a proliferation in the availability and usage of low-cost hardware platforms such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, and USRP boards. These... read more >>

April 10, 2014

8:41 PM | Maker Math - Kaleidoscope Activity
Tweet Perhaps some of you have heard about the "Maker" movement.  It's related to the whole DIY ("Do It Yourself") mindset and embraces the notion that to really know something, to truly understand it, you must DO stuff, CREATE things, and, generally, be a "maker".  …
6:09 PM | Get Hacking with Wolfram Technologies
It probably comes as no surprise that Wolfram has been asked to participate in a number of hackathons recently, including the upcoming HackIllinois. There’s a natural fit between our pioneering, agile approach to technology development and the growing hackathon phenomenon, in which coders come together for a short but intensive time—either individually or in teams—to [...]

April 09, 2014

6:52 PM | If you were a fraction by Trisha Speed Shaskan
If you were a fraction, you be part of a whole. You could be part of a pizza or part of pie. You could be part of an apple or part of a pear. What else could you be if you were a fraction? Related Math Games: Foam Dice: Adding Subtracting and Multiplying Funny & Fabulous Fraction Stories 10 Sided Dice Game
6:44 PM | Mighty Math: Fractions by Sara Pistoia
PreS-Gr 2-In the first book, children are introduced to the basic concepts of counting by ones, fives, and tens, and of place values. Groups of children use familiar objects such as rocks, buttons, and jelly beans to count. In the second title, youngsters are introduced to fractions […] Related Math Games: Eating Fractions by Bruce McMillan Fraction Switch: Proper Fractions Games 6 out of 5 people have difficulty with fractions.
6:32 PM | Eating Fractions by Bruce McMillan
From bananas to pizza to fresh strawberry pie, this tantalizing look into the world of halves, thirds, and quarters is a simple concept book of fractions with a whole language twist--and delightful recipes. This book is great for young children, from K-4 through about second grade. It […] Related Math Games: Fraction Bash: Equivalent Fractions Game Fraction Match: Equivalent Fractions, Decimals, and Percents {Fraction Games} 7 Professions Which Use Math Everyday
5:51 PM | Funny & Fabulous Fraction Stories
Download the PDF version of this book here (free): http://msdiazclass.wikispaces.com/file/view/Fractions+Funny+Stories.pdf (but I recommend actually buying the physical book) Teaching fractions doesn't have to be like pulling teeth! Your students will love these hilarious reproducible stories and follow-up problems that reinforce essential fraction skills: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, decimals, ratios, […] Related Math Games: M&M Fraction, Decimal, Percent […]

April 08, 2014

1:12 PM | Death and Math
As the famous saying goes – In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Like a good procrastinator, I did my taxes this past weekend.  I was a bit curious as to what people have done with Mathcad in the past.  After all, most of the work is filling in boxes, adding and subtracting, ...
12:20 PM | Bolt
Another post from Tap Into Teen Minds. Enjoy! Use the information from a Usain Bolt race to solve this 3 Acts Math Task by Dan Meyer. Topic: Proportional reasoning, linear equations and direct variation The post Bolt appeared first on Tap Into Teen Minds.
3:56 AM | Ontario Education Minister Makes Math Matters Worse
Another post from Tap Into Teen Minds. Enjoy! Liz Sandals comments made about students knowing math facts in the Globe and Mail only make matters in math education worse by implying inquiry math is bad The post Ontario Education Minister Makes Math Matters Worse appeared first on Tap Into Teen Minds.

April 07, 2014

3:28 PM | Debunking Bad News Analysis with MATLAB
With spring comes the tax filing deadline. This post is also about taxes. I'd like to introduce this week's guest blogger, Toshi Takeuchi. Toshi analyzes web data and runs online ad campaigns here at MathWorks.... read more >>

April 04, 2014

7:55 PM | MATLAB Central Blog Improvements
You’ve probably already noticed the redesigned MATLAB Central Blog site that was released in January. Yesterday, we polished the apple further with an additional release that squashed some bugs and tweaked the look and feel of the site. Since this is the first major overhaul of the Blogs site, we’re all... read more >>
7:26 PM | Upcoming Vedic Math Workshop in Seattle
   Upcoming Vedic Math Workshop in Seattle organized by the Seattle Maharashtra Mandal on 20th April 2014 from 1pm to 3pm. The Workshop will be presented by Mrs.Ashvinee Naik, President Vedic Math Forum United States.About Mrs.Naik: Mrs.Ashvinee Naik is an experienced and credentialed Math teacher from the state of California with a M.A.( Education: designing curriculum) and in M.S. in Math Ed. She is also a certified teacher of Vedic Math.Mrs. Naik has been teaching high school and […]
6:05 PM | Submit your algorithms to solve 2048!
Jiro's pick this week is 2048 MATLAB. "2048" Need I say more? I'm certain that many of you know what I'm talking about. 2048 is an online and mobile game created by Gabriele Cirulli recently. All I can say is... read more >>
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