December 18, 2014

7:19 PM | The beauty I see in algebra
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:The beauty I see in algebra: Margot Gerritsen at TEDxSTANFORD: From equations to matrices… to Google search, MRI body scan, …
4:29 PM | Wolfram|Alpha Apps and Math Course Apps for Windows—Just Released
Just in time for the holidays—Wolfram|Alpha apps for Windows and Windows Phone have been released! We’re excited to announce that our popular Wolfram|Alpha app and several Wolfram Course Assistant Apps are now available for your Windows 8.1 devices. The Wolfram|Alpha applications are universal apps, and utilize Windows’ distinct style while bringing to Windows users some [...]
3:06 PM | A Difficult Problem: Are you not smart enough to solve it … or have you just not solved it yet?
Watch this very inspirational video about learning. When students encounter a difficult Math problem, there are two ways to approach it. Are you not smart enough to solve it … or have you just not solved it yet? The mindset the student … Continue reading →

December 17, 2014

11:15 PM | Measuring Up to Abe Lincoln {Measurement Activity}
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites Students will work in pairs. They each need pencils, rulers, bulletin board paper (one sheet for each student big enough to trace bodies), a life-size cut out of Abe Lincoln (Draw and measure this, or ask the art teacher […] Related Math Games: Measurement and Science, Plant Growth {Measurement Activity} Using the Metric System {Measurement Activity} Make a Thermometer {Measurement Activity}
10:59 PM | Measurement and Science, Plant Growth {Measurement Activity}
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites Each student will need a milk carton filled with good soil, bean seeds, string to support the plants, graph paper to record results, a pencil and a ruler to measure the growth. You need a sunny window to put […] Related Math Games: Cubes Investigation, Cubic Growth {Measurement Game} Using the Metric System {Measurement Activity} How Cold is it? {Measurement Activity}
9:39 PM | Using the Metric System {Measurement Activity}
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites Give students these materials: metric ruler, crayons or markers, pencils, paper. Materials you will need: Chalkboard, chalk, large piece of construction paper or butcher paper, graph paper. Divide your class into groups of four and, first, have students measure […] Related Math Games: How Cold is it? {Measurement Activity} Make a Thermometer {Measurement Activity} Measurement Chain {Math Game}
6:10 PM | Subclasses in MATLAB
I'm pleased to have Dave Foti back for a discussion of subclassing and class hierarchies in MATLAB. Dave manages the group responsible for object-oriented programming features in MATLAB.... read more >>
2:21 PM | Make a Thermometer {Measurement Activity}
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites Students will use white paper to make a thermometer. Have them writer the numbers the same as they would see them on a real thermometer. Using red crayons, they will color the paper thermometer to the proper level to […] Related Math Games: How Cold is it? {Measurement Activity} Measurement Chain {Math Game} Cubes Investigation, Cubic Growth {Measurement Game}
4:09 AM | Mathematicians prove the Umbral Moonshine Conjecture
Source: Science Daily Mathematicians prove the Umbral Moonshine Conjecture Date: December 15, 2014 Source: Emory University Summary: Monstrous moonshine, a quirky pattern of the monster group in theoretical math, has a shadow — umbral moonshine. Mathematicians have now proved this … Continue reading →
2:08 AM | Cubes Investigation, Cubic Growth {Measurement Game}
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites Students will work in groups to find a solution to this problem: How many 1x1x1 cubes are painted on three faces, two faces, one face, or no faces when the following occurs? Different sized cubes are constructed from unit […] Related Math Games: Measurement Chain {Math Game} Inflatable Cube Math Game Meter Measurement Game

December 16, 2014

3:01 PM | How Cold is it? {Measurement Activity}
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites Place a thermometer outside a window, or just outside a doorway that is close to your classroom. Each day, have a student check the temperature, after they understand how to read a thermometer.   To analyze temperatures, do the […] Related Math Games: Measurement Chain {Math Game} Food Labels {Mental Math Activity} What Measure Should I Use? {Mental Math Activity}
2:32 PM | Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the WAV Files
**Guest post by Luke Westbrook** One of my favorite parts of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is when Ebenezer Scrooge, terrified and repentant, pleads with the third Spirit for a second chance, saying, “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” I don’t mean to wax philosophical, but I resonate with the idea ...
2:18 PM | Measurement Chain {Math Game}
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites You will need to pair your students. Give each pair one sheet of construction paper, scissors and glue. Students work together to figure out how to use the sheet of construction paper to make the longest chain possible out […] Related Math Games: Meter Measurement Game Estimate ‘N Measure: Measurement Game Measurement War
7:05 AM | What do Mathematicians Eat for Breakfast? (Surprising Answers!)
Are you curious what do Mathematicians eat for breakfast? :) Featured Book: The Math of Food (Integrating Math in the Real World Series) How can math help you improve your diet? Sharpens math skills from whole-number operations through basic algebra … Continue reading →
6:46 AM | Trisecting an Angle (Possible?) [Very Interesting Videos]
In O Level E Maths, we learn how to bisect an angle using compass and straightedge (ruler). However, is it possible to trisect an angle? It turns out it is impossible! This took 2000 years to prove, and requires the use of … Continue reading →
6:13 AM | Liu Hong (Ancient Chinese Mathematician)
Source: Baidu Encyclopedia (Liu Hong) 刘洪(约公元130~210),字元卓,东汉泰山郡蒙阴县(今山东省临沂市蒙阴县)人,东汉鲁王刘兴后裔,我国古代杰出的天文学家和数学家,珠算发明者,被后世尊为“算圣”。 Liu Hong (Year 130~210) was an ancient Chinese Mathematician who studied astronomy and mathematics. He was the inventor of the art of abacus arithmetic, and hence was given the title of “Sage of Arithmetic”. Recently, […]

December 15, 2014

5:06 PM | The Indiafrica Young Visionaries Fellowship 2014
Gaurav Tekriwal being awarded the Indiafrica Fellowship 2014 by Shri V.K.Singh,Minister of State of External Affairs  INDIAFRICA: A Shared Future is a unique people to people initiative that aims at engaging multiple stakeholders in India and Africa through contests, fellowships, discussions, events, collaborative projects and cultural exchanges.The Young Visionaries Fellowship seeks to encourage cross-fertilization of ideas and a better understanding of the […]
4:06 PM | Deck the Halls: Tweet-a-Program Holiday Ornament Challenge
It’s the holiday season, and Wolfram is gearing up for bright lights and winter weather by holding a new Tweet-a-Program challenge. To help us celebrate the holidays, tweet your best holiday ornament-themed lines of Wolfram Language code. As with our other challenges, we’ll use the Wolfram Language to randomly select winning tweets (along with a [...]
3:38 PM | Discriminant of Quadratic Polynomial Olympiad Question
The discriminant of a quadratic polynomial () is a source of confusion for many students taking O Level A Maths. After explaining, students usually will understand the concept, but it remains really tricky. It is a really useful concept, and can … Continue reading →
2:12 PM | Can Computer-Based Assessment Model Worthwhile Mathematics?
Several weeks ago, Dan Meyer described his experience of completing 88 practice sets in Khan Academy’s eighth-grade online mathematics course. His goal was to document the types of evidence the Khan Academy asked students to produce of their mathematical understanding. Dan’s findings were disappointing: He concludes that 74% of the Khan Academy’s eighth-grade questions were either multiple choice or required nothing more than a numerical response. By […]
9:45 AM | Walnut Math
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:A friend from China gave us a bag of walnuts plucked from their home-grown walnut tree. I decide to count them by applying math: A stack of walnuts piled in a pyramid, with…
8:54 AM | Coursera Course Review: An Introduction to Functional Analysis
Recently, I completed an excellent Coursera Course: An Introduction to Functional Analysis, offered by École Centrale Paris. Although challenging, it was a fun and interesting course, thanks to the effort by Professors John Cagnol and Anna Rozanova-Pierrat. Functional Analysis is a pretty … Continue reading →

December 13, 2014

5:04 PM | Stop Teaching Calculating, Start Learning Maths!
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:Conrad Wolfram provoked the new idea of Computer-Based Math education: Teach the ‘Why’ of Maths, leave the ‘How’ to the computer. How: solve quadratic equation, simultaneous equations, differentiation, integration…. He mentioned Singapore is…
4:16 PM | Stephen Wolfram: Computing a theory of everything
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:Stephen Wolfram: Founder & CEO of Mathematica (UK) Wolfram Alpha: Knowledge-base Computing using public data on the net and private information. Mathematica: Math tool using Symbolic Functional Language (LISP) New Kind of Science:…

December 12, 2014

3:20 PM | Obfuscated MATLAB Code
Sean's pick this week is Growth - Yet Another Obfuscated MATLAB Code by Hikaru. This is awesome.dbtype growth 1 ... read more >>

December 11, 2014

2:47 PM | Los profesores hablan de Sangakoo
El pasado 4 de diciembre entrevistaron en el programa Hora 25 de Cadena SER, que presenta Àngels Barceló, al profesor Josep Maria Duran, profesor de 4º de la ESO de la Escuela Joan Pelegrí de Barcelona. En la entrevista, que encontraréis en los últimos minutos de este podcast, podréis escuchar cuáles son las ventajas que […]
6:30 AM | Alibaba Arithmetic
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:Jack Ma of the Alabama.com gives this Arithmetic question to the audience,  only 1% get the answer right ! Jack has cash $50, which he uses to buy: Clothing : $20 (Balance $50-20…

December 09, 2014

2:18 PM | French Concours & 科举 (Chinese Imperial Exams)
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:French Concours was influenced by Chinese Imperial Exams (科举ko-gu in ancient Chinese, today in Hokkien dialect) from 7AD till 1910.  The French  Jesuits working in China during the 16th -18th centuries were the culprits…
2:11 PM | Math Olympiad – is it worth the effort ?
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:http://www.quora.com/Is-it-worth-it-to-get-good-at-math-olympiads/answer/Milen-Ivanov-4
2:00 PM | Fantasy Football Playoffs: Are you In or Out?
The fantasy football playoffs are here! Week 13 or 14 of the NFL season is generally the last week of the fantasy football regular season (depending on league settings). This means fantasy playoffs have, or are about to, start in your league. Hopefully for you, you’re still in the hunt for the championship. Unlike most professional sports, each NFL team ...
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