November 30, 2015

3:37 PM | ‘Tis the Season to Be Coding! Wolfram Cyber Week Savings
It’s that time of year again and the holidays are upon us. Whatever your gifting traditions, Wolfram has perfect solutions for the tech lovers on your shopping list. From now until December 6, we are offering Cyber Week savings around the world, including North and South America, Australia, and parts of Asia and Africa. Bring [...]
3:24 PM | saveValue Function for Tracking Metrics Over Time, Part 4: loadValue
04:18 In the fourth video in this series about developing functions to store values over time, I write the loadValue function to retrieve previously stored values. This video uses the code-along style. Play the video in full screen mode for a better viewing experience. ... read more >>
8:44 AM | Every non-empty open set in R is disjoint union of countable collection of open intervals
Question: Prove that every non-empty open set in is the disjoint union of a countable collection of open intervals. The key things to prove are the disjointness and the countability of such open intervals. Otherwise, if disjointness and countability are … Continue reading →
7:36 AM | 7 Cardinal Rules in Life
(See more at: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/7-cardinal-rules-life-everyone-should-know-about.html)Filed under: motivational Tagged: motivational

November 29, 2015

11:43 AM | Useful Theorem in Introductory Ring Theory
Something interesting I realised in my studies in Math is that certain theorems are more “useful” than others. Certain theorems’ sole purpose seem to be an intermediate step to prove another theorem and are never used again. Other theorems seem … Continue reading →

November 28, 2015

6:24 PM | 3 Act Math Task: Draining The Pool
Another post from Tap Into Teen Minds. Enjoy! Watch a video clip of a pool draining. How long do you think the pool will take to empty completely? How do you know? Then, watch what REALLY happened! The post Draining The Pool appeared first on Tap Into Teen Minds.

November 27, 2015

2:00 PM | NFL Colors
Sean's pick this week is nflcolor by Alan Bindemann. Let's take this plain old boring football and turn it into one with some team colors:football = imread('football.jpg'); imshow(football); Segment the football... read more >>

November 26, 2015

7:25 PM | ICM2014 (Seoul): Zhang YiTang
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:ICM2014 (VideoSeries LC7): Yitang Zhang A conversation between Yitang Zhang and Daniel Goldston — who is one of the team GPY: Simplified Prime Gap Video Explanations: Video 1 – https://youtu.be/vkMXdShDdtY Video 2 (extra)…
5:16 PM | Decimal Place Value = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students
Decimal Place Value = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students A anchor chart to put on your Math Vocabulary board to use as a reference. Along with cards to use as bookmarks for a quick reference the cards are also GREAT to glue into the students Math […] Related Math Games: Fractions! = Poster & Anchor Chart with Cards for Students Mixed Number = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students How Can I Multiply a Fraction = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students
4:11 PM | Live your Dream (Motivational Video) 夢想.激勵人心的演說
Just to share a very inspiring motivational video from YouTube. Not sure which movie it is from. (any readers know, please comment below as I would be interested) Highly suitable for students (and their parents) who have just completed their … Continue reading →
11:28 AM | “Proof School” For Math Kids
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:To overcome the USA general school low Math standard, there are some elite schools to groom the gifted students such as this “Proof School”: San-Fancisco new “Proof School” for Math kids  The Math…
9:06 AM | Fundamental Group of Torus (van Kampen method)
There are various methods of computing fundamental groups, for example one method using maximal trees of a simplicial complex (considered a slow method). There is one “trick” using van Kampen’s Theorem that makes it relatively fast to compute the fundamental … Continue reading →

November 25, 2015

1:44 PM | Interpolation Technique in Analysis
Question: Let belong to both and , with . Show that for all . There is a pretty neat trick to do this question, known as the “interpolation technique”. The proof is as follows. For , there exists such that … Continue reading →

November 24, 2015

6:23 PM | Wolfram SystemModeler: Mechanical Engineering Landing Gear Example
Background Teachers and textbook authors often need to simplify a real-world problem to pinpoint a specific area to work with—for instance, the examples in a textbook. However, even in real-world engineering, simplifying a problem can bring clarity when our understanding might otherwise drown in a sea of details. In this blog, we will design the [...]
6:16 PM | 3 Time Saving Tips Every Civil Engineer Needs
**Guest post by Cosmin Negru**   As a...
5:48 AM | |HK|=|H||K|/|H intersect K|
Finally, the LaTeX path not specified problem has been solved by WordPress! This post is about how to prove that , where and are finite subgroups of a group . A tempting thing to do is to use the “Second … Continue reading →

November 23, 2015

1:54 PM | Swing Low, Sweet Probability: Guessing the results of every match in the 2015 Rugby World Cup
Today's guest blogger is Matt Tearle, who works on our MATLAB training materials here at MathWorks. Originally from New Zealand, Matt was delighted with the All Blacks' recent victory at the 2015 Rugby World Cup. What better way to celebrate than to analyze the results with MATLAB?... read more >>
12:17 PM | Els alumnes d’Escola Pia Sarrià i Sangakoo al Catakrac de BarcelonaTV
Tenim el plaer de compartir amb vosaltres el reportatge sobre Sangakoo a Escola Pia de Sarrià emès el dissabte 21 de novembre al programa Catakrac de BTV. Ens agrada especialment perquè els absoluts protagonistes són els alumnes de l’escola. Ells el presenten, el protagonitzen i ens expliquen en primera persona quines són les seves experiències creant i […]

November 21, 2015

7:28 PM | Lecture Learning vs. Active Learning
Another post from Tap Into Teen Minds. Enjoy! This past week, Justin Reich referenced research and said "it is almost unethical to use lecturing in a control group when comparing with active learning." The post Lecture Learning vs. Active Learning appeared first on Tap Into Teen Minds.

November 20, 2015

2:51 PM | “latex path not specified” WordPress LaTeX Bug
Recently, there is a “latex path not specified” WordPress LaTeX bug, it is very weird. Some LaTeX expressions will get rendered and some will not. Will have to postpone my math blogging till it is fixed. Testing: , , , … Continue reading →
2:21 PM | GISMO Toolbox – Seismic Data Analysis in MATLAB
Today's guest pick of the week from Loren is GISMO. GISMO is one of the success stories for community developed tools. Currently maintained by Glenn Thompson, it is a toolbox widely used throughout the research community of seismologists. ... read more >>

November 19, 2015

5:12 PM | Strategy: Doubles Plus 1, Doubles minus 1 = Anchor Chart with Cards for Students
Strategy: Doubles Plus 1, Doubles minus 1 = Anchor Chart with Cards for Students A anchor chart to put on your Math Vocabulary board to use as a reference. Along with cards to use as bookmarks for a quick reference. Also included is a 24inch x 36inch (poster […] Related Math Games: Doubles Anchor Chart with Cards for Students Fractions! = Poster & Anchor Chart with Cards for Students Addition Strategies Anchor Chart with Cards for Students
5:07 PM | New Buzzmath Activity: Cross-Sections of Three-Dimensional Figures
How would you describe the shape of a loaf of bread? What about the shape of a very thin slice from that loaf? Such simple everyday objects or tasks may […]
2:07 PM | Another conversation about The Arrow Way
A little more with my second-grade son, age 7, about how he does addition and subtraction, compared with “the Arrow Way” from EngageNY. “Would you rather do an addition problem or a subtraction problem?” “Ummmmm…” “Alright I’ll pick one of each. Tell me how to do 39 + 23.” “It equals 62.” “How did you […]

November 18, 2015

8:17 PM | Aspect Ratios in Art: What Is Better Than Being Golden? Being Plastic, Rooted, or Just Rational? Investigating Aspect Ratios of Old vs. Modern Paintings
Paintings of the great masters are among the most beautiful human artifacts ever produced. They are treasured and admired, carefully preserved, sold for hundreds of millions of dollars, and, perhaps not coincidentally, are the prime target of art thieves. Their composition, colors, details, and themes can fascinate us for hours. But what about their outer [...]
7:30 PM | How Should We Talk to AIs?
Not many years ago, the idea of having a computer broadly answer questions asked in plain English seemed like science fiction. But when we released Wolfram|Alpha in 2009 one of the big surprises (not least to me!) was that we’d managed to make this actually work. And by now people routinely ask personal assistant systems—many [...]
12:33 PM | Educación en valores
Claro que también podríamos hablar de los valores de la educación. ¿Por qué no? Siempre hay que dar la vuelta a la hoja. Probablemente veremos que la otra cara no está escrita y queda libre para escribir lo que uno siente y quiere, en vez, de lo que te dicen que debes leer y aceptar. […]
12:11 AM | The Arrow Way
On the way home tonight, my second-grade son Aaron starting talking about something he’s learning called The Arrow Way. It’s part of the EngageNY curriculum. There’s a lot of positives in this representation, especially when it’s also coupled with number lines. But why couldn’t the problem above just skip the words “using the arrow way”? Or in problems […]

November 17, 2015

6:51 PM | Why Mechanical Engineers should use PTC Mathcad
Mechanical engineering might be the broadest engineering discipline....
3:52 PM | Interesting Measure and Integration Question
Let be a measure space. Let and . Prove that there exists a set with , such that . Solution: The solution strategy is to use simple functions (common tactic for measure theory questions). Let be a simple function such … Continue reading →
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