February 26, 2015

11:21 PM | Let’s Code! Make a Cody Video
Ever seen a “Let’s Play” video, where somebody documents their own activity as they play a video game? They can be a lot of fun to watch, even when the author isn’t very good at the game. And they can be very instructive if you’re learning how to play that... read more >>
3:29 PM | Interesting but Hard to Understand Math Comic
Check out this interesting comic riddle from Spikedmath.com! The sky is the limit when it comes to Math! Do give it a try, before scrolling down to view the answer. Featured Amazon Product: Buy yourself a gift from Amazon! Amazon … Continue reading →
1:34 PM | Signoff
After 14 awesome years at MathWorks, I am changing careers. It has been great working and learning with all of you. If you are new to this blog, go back and watch my other videos, they are still as useful today as they always were. Keep watching here to see who... read more >>

February 25, 2015

7:53 PM | New Math Popular Books
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:結城 浩(1963 -) is a Japanese Math Popular Book Writer for Secondary and High School students. In the “Galois Theory” (Chapter 10) she boldly attempted to explain to them such complicated concepts: Quotient…
12:52 PM | Scaling Market Basket Analysis with MapReduce
In an earlier post, today's guest blogger Toshi Takeuchi gave us an introduction to Market Basket Analysis. This week, he will discuss how to scale this technique using MapReduce to deal with larger data.... read more >>

February 24, 2015

6:20 PM | Base de Dades Mundials sobre el Dret a l’Educació
La UNESCO ha inaugurat recentment una base de dades en línia que conté 195 expedients sobre la situació jurídica de l’educació en diferents països del món. La Base de Dades Mundials sobre el Dret a l’Educació pretèn ser un un portal informàtic, amb més de 1.000 documents oficials, entre els quals figuren constitucions, lleis i […]
2:56 PM | ZF Wind Power Turns Out Gearboxes that Last with PTC Mathcad
Look at a wind turbine on the prairie,...

February 23, 2015

12:53 PM | More Adventures with Web Sketchpad Tools
In my prior post, I introduced some basic Web Sketchpad geometry tools for constructing points, circles, segments, lines, and rays. These tools are great for getting started, but what happens when your needs grow more demanding? Suppose, for example, that you decide to build a tessellation pattern composed of equilateral triangles. Do you really want […]

February 20, 2015

8:39 PM | Why Alan Turing Has Already Won, No Matter How The Imitation Game Does at the Oscars
When I was invited to join the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee in 2008 by Professor Barry Cooper to prepare for the Alan Turing Year in 2012, I would have never imagined that just a few years later, Turing’s life and work would have gained sufficient public attention to become the subject of a Hollywood-style feature [...]
2:00 PM | Downsampling polygons (Part 2)
Jiro's pick this week is Decimate Polygon by Anton Semechko. Just a little over a year ago, I wrote a blog post on downsampling polygons. I highlighted Peter's Polygon Simplification. His entry helped me out in one of my side projects I... read more >>
2:51 AM | Connecting Relationships to Multiple Strands
Another post from Tap Into Teen Minds. Enjoy! Spiralling mathematics to address multiple expectations / learning goals in one, authentic math task for grade 9 applied students. Linear Relationships. The post Connecting Relationships to Multiple Strands appeared first on Tap Into Teen Minds.

February 19, 2015

4:40 PM | PTC Mathcad Hacks – Shortcuts that will make your life easier: Part II
**Guest Post by Luke Westbrook ** Welcome to...

February 17, 2015

1:45 PM | Education/Math/Science Niche Website Directory
I have recently created a Education/Math/Science Niche Website Directory at: http://mathtuition88.com/education-website-directory/. Currently, it is free to submit to this directory! (Just need to provide a link back to our website.) Benefits of submitting to this link directory include a valuable … Continue reading →

February 16, 2015

4:29 PM | Driving Schools
Today we will introduce two driving schools for the benefit of our readers who live in Canada. Canadians are one of the top 10 countries who read our blog! One of them is Driving school in Mississauga. Located in the … Continue reading →

February 15, 2015

10:14 AM | Fun IQ Math
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:7+2+5 = ? (Test the logic pattern) Ans: (Scroll below — only after you have tried to solve it ) . . . . . . . . . . . . .…

February 14, 2015

3:31 PM | Free Audiobooks by Amazon (Audible)
Are you a auditory learner? (one who learns best through hearing) Do you wish you could listen to some books on your long journey to work or school? Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks! Audible is a company owned … Continue reading →
12:56 AM | How community colleges will help fill one million jobs in the US
Originally posted on Quartz:Would you invest in a possibly life-changing opportunity if the odds of success were one in 175 million—the odds of winning the Powerball lottery? What if the odds were one in five and the ticket didn’t…

February 13, 2015

2:00 PM | What’s the reaction when we touch?
  Contact Modeling in SimMechanics Greg's pick this week is Rolling Ball on Plane by Janne Salomäki. Janne put together a nice example of modeling the interaction of a ball contacting a plane, rolling on the plane, and then falling off the plane. She uses SimMechanics to model the geometry and motion of the ball... read more >>
2:07 AM | 100 Days Of School Activity – 100 Things
100 Days Of School Activity Asher's 100 Things... Related Math Games: BUZZ – A Math Activity to Fill 5 Minutes Baseball Ratios and Proportions Activity How Cold is it? {Measurement Activity}

February 12, 2015

10:00 PM | Closure IDE Beta Update
Closure IDE Beta Update The beta update is here. Besides a heavy bunch of bug fixes, the update significantly improves features that allows you to find declarations and references of JavaScript members in source code. What can these features actually give us? At large, the features help us answer the questions, such as "Who uses this field?" or "Who implements this method?". Find Declarations/References of JavaScript members I decided to use the Closure […]
8:30 PM | PTC Mathcad Hacks – Shortcuts that will make your life easier: Part I
**Guest post by Luke Westbrook**   If you...
1:24 PM | Introduction to the New MATLAB Data Types for Dates and Time
Today I'd like to introduce a guest blogger, Andrea Ho, who works for the MATLAB Documentation team here at MathWorks. Today, Andrea will discuss three new data types for representing dates and times in MATLAB in R2014b - datetime, duration, and calendarDuration.... read more >>

February 11, 2015

5:59 PM | Here Comes Construction!
For over a year, my colleague Scott and I have enjoyed giving you peeks into the impressive development work being done by the Web Sketchpad team at KCP Technologies and McGraw Hill.  Every time I take a desktop Sketchpad model and convert it to Web Sketchpad with a press of a button, I’m impressed by how […]
4:34 PM | Q&A with Michael Tiller, Author of Modelica by Example
Modelica is the object-oriented modeling language used in SystemModeler to model components and systems. When I first learned Modelica, I read all books available about the language (there are not that many!) and found the book Introduction to Physical Modeling with Modelica by Michael Tiller to be the best out there. In 2012, when Michael [...]

February 10, 2015

8:43 AM | The Numerology Of The Dewey Decimal
Originally posted on Mathemagical Site:It would seem strange for a blog dedicated to mathematics to discuss about the very obscure subject of numerology. Although I personally don’t believe on the occult, I still find the subject very interesting. Therefore,…
7:07 AM | Mental Math
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:No equation, no formula, no calculator, no writing on paper, just do mental calculation. What is the answer  in the last diagram ? Scroll down to see the answer, but not until you…

February 09, 2015

9:21 PM | New Wolfram Technologies Books
We are once again thrilled by the wide variety of topics covered by authors around the world using Wolfram technologies to write their books and explore their disciplines. These latest additions range from covering the basics for students to working within specialties like continuum mechanics. Computational Explorations in Magnetron Sputtering Magnetron sputtering is a widely [...]

February 08, 2015

1:32 PM | Apply For Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2015
Another post from Tap Into Teen Minds. Enjoy! Applications are open for the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) Class of 2015! Apply to join our global community of learners before March 1st, 2015! The post Apply For Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2015 appeared first on Tap Into Teen Minds.

February 06, 2015

2:00 PM | CAD APPS
Sean's pick this week is CAD APPS by Larry Silverberg. For this week's pick I'm going to combine my grad school life in structural engineering with the two recent major... read more >>

February 05, 2015

4:31 PM | Sweet Tweets: Valentine’s Day Tweet-a-Program Challenge
As Valentine’s Day approaches, Wolfram is holding a Tweet-a-Program challenge. To help us celebrate the romantic holiday, tweet us your best Valentine-themed Wolfram Language code. As with our other challenges, we’ll use the Wolfram Language to randomly select winning tweets (along with a few of our favorites) to pin, retweet, and share with our followers. [...]
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