November 26, 2014

3:42 PM | Benedict Cumberbatch Can Charm Humans, but Can He Fool a Computer?
The Imitation Game, a movie portraying Alan Turing’s life (who would have celebrated his 100th birthday on Mathematica‘s 23rd birthday—read our blog post), was released this week, which we’ve been looking forward to. Turing machines were one of the focal points of the movie, and we launched a prize in 2007 to determine whether the [...]
8:49 AM | Finland’s Education System: 10 Surprising Facts That Americans (or Singaporeans) Shouldn’t Ignore
Originally posted on Tuition Database Singapore:Source: http://www.takepart.com/photos/ten-surprising-facts-finlands-education-system-americans-should-not-ignore/finland-knows-whats-best Just to summarize the 10 Surprising Facts: School Starts Later More Recess No Testing (and little homework) Extra Teachers for Struggling Students More Languages Instruction Guidelines, Not Prescriptions Less Teaching Professional Teacher Teachers…

November 25, 2014

7:36 PM | Half Factorial
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:Prove : For any positive integers p, k, Proof: Apply Factorial Formula: hence divisible by p. [QED]
5:19 PM | Second-derivative Test For Extrema Of Functions Of Two Variables
Source: http://www.math.illinois.edu/~verahur/18.024/notesSD.pdf Excerpt:  Proof of the second-derivative test. Our goal is to derive the second-derivative test, which determines the nature of a critical point of a function of two variables, that is, whether a critical point is a local minimum, a local maximum, … Continue reading →
4:59 PM | Performance on ILArray
Having a convenient data structure like ILArray<T> brings many advantages when handling numerical data in your algorithms. On the convenience side, there are flexible options for creating subarrays, altering existing data (i.e. lengthening or shortening individual dimensions on the run), keeping dimensionality information together with the data, and last but not least: being able to […]
2:38 PM | 3 Act Math Task: Flaps!
Another post from Tap Into Teen Minds. Enjoy! Address direct variation and multiple representations of linear relations through this 3 Act Math Task relating a hummingbirds number of wing flaps vs. time The post Flaps! appeared first on Tap Into Teen Minds.
1:54 PM | Reliance Digital TV, Vedic Maths Forum to teach maths on TV
In a bid to foster tele-education, Reliance Digital TV Tuesday announced its partnership with The Vedic Maths Forum of India to provide mathematics teaching on television, a company statement said here.The new channel "The World of Vedic Maths" will be available on Channel # 559 on Reliance DTH at just Rs.112 on a pay-per-subscription basis for a period of five weeks, the statement added."We are happy to provide our subscribers with the best of mathematics education through our association with […]
7:45 AM | Tuition News: 92 Marks ranks student in bottom 50%
Originally posted on Tuition Database Singapore:Sounds bizarre, but it is true! Something “uniquely Singapore” as 92 marks is usually the top echelon for most other countries. Students need not be disappointed, as 88 to 92 marks is already a…
5:29 AM | Movie Math Quiz
Source: Spiked Math Can you guess what are the names of the movies above (phrased in terms of Math). Some hints: Gravity The Matrix Need for Speed are some of them. You may discuss in the comments below!Filed under: math, … Continue reading →

November 24, 2014

6:56 PM | Deck the Halls with Lines of Coding
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means you only have five weeks left to knock out your holiday shopping. Never fear, Wolfram is delivering amazing deals to customers across the globe, including North and South America, Australia, and parts of Asia and Africa to inspire a whole new year of computational creativity. Give [...]

November 23, 2014

3:44 PM | Undergrad Math Tuition: Maxima and Minima (Multivariable Calculus)
At the undergraduate level, sometimes functions are of two variables (x,y). How do we find the maximum or minimum points of such a function? Read the following PDF to find out! Recommended Book: Multivariable Calculus, 7th Edition This is a … Continue reading →
8:49 AM | H2 Maths Tuition: Integration by Parts
Here is a Integration by Parts helpsheet I created and uploaded on Scribd. Integration by Parts is a really useful technique, in fact it is one of the two key integration techniques in H2 Maths. The other technique is Integration … Continue reading →
7:46 AM | Matchstick Problem
Translation: How do we move only 1 matchstick to make the equation valid? (“Not Equals” sign is not allowed) This is a really tricky question… Hint: Need to think in Chinese, this is a Chinese joke :P Featured Post: Motivational Books … Continue reading →
7:31 AM | Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift (BBSG)
Originally posted on Tuition Database Singapore:“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” - Acts 20:35 Source: http://www.bbshare.sg/ Join the Boys’ Brigade in spreading the Christmas cheer to needy families in Singapore. To most of us, items like rice and…
6:42 AM | viXra Math Papers Publishing Site for Anybody
Originally posted on Math Online Tom Circle:http://mathtuition88.com/2014/11/20/what-is-vixra/ “arXiv” opposite is “viXra”. The former “arXiv” is administered by Cornell University for Math paper publishing online. The traditional math journals would take 2 years to review and publish.  The Russian Mathematician…

November 22, 2014

12:10 PM | College Students Career Guide
Just to share a career guide, for those students about to graduate. Hope it helps! Launch Your Career with Salesforce Award-Winning Recruitment Programs for College Students It is never too early to start building your career, especially if you have … Continue reading →
10:16 AM | Tuition Database
Do you want to be a tutor, but find tuition agencies’ 50% commission too high? Wonder if there is a better way to find tuition job without paying any commision? Apply for a free listing at Tuition Database now: http://tuitiondb.wordpress.com/apply-to-be-tutors/ … Continue reading →

November 21, 2014

7:31 PM | Removing Haze from a Color Image Using the Near Infrared with the Wolfram Language
For most of us, taking bad pictures is incredibly easy. Band-Aid or remedy, digital post-processing can involve altering the photographed scene itself. Say you’re trekking through the mountains taking photos of the horizon, or you’re walking down the street and catch a beautiful perspective of the city, or it’s finally the right time to put [...]
2:04 PM | ¿Por qué y cómo transformar los sistemas educativos?
Sangakoo ha sido invitada a participar en el Monográfico “Ciudades Educadoras” que ha publicado Educaweb este noviembre. Y para este, Pere Monràs, socio fundador de Sangakoo, ha escrito el siguiente artículo sobre los sistemas educativos del futuro, inspirado en la reciente asistencia del equipo de Sangakoo al WISE 2014 en Doha, Qatar. ¡Esperamos que tengáis […]
2:00 PM | How noisy are your images…revisited
ContentsCreate Noisy ImagesQuantifying NoiseTabulate ResultsInterpretations?Improving the analysisPlotting the resultsConclusionsSWAG!Brett's Pick this week includes nods to two readers, and a submission called Fast Noise Estimation in Images by Tolga Birdal.In my last post, back in September, I discussed several files for quantifying noise in images, without reference to a gold-standard image.... read more >>
9:27 AM | The Math that won World War II: Free Online Course
Cryptography Online Course Good news for you who are interested in Cryptography, which is at the intersection of mathematics and computer science. Highly useful both in everyday life and also in top secret projects, like the cracking of the Enigma … Continue reading →

November 20, 2014

6:52 PM | MATLAB: In an assignment A(I) = B, the number of elements in B and I must be the same.
The very common MATLAB error: “In an assignment A(I) = B, the number of elements in B and I must be the same.” occurs when one side of an assignment has a dfferent dimension than the other. So for instance the left side of the assignment might be... read more >>
4:54 PM | 2014 Wolfram Innovator Award Winners
Now in its fourth year, the Wolfram Innovator Awards are an established tradition and one of our favorite parts of the annual Wolfram Technology Conference. This year, Stephen Wolfram presented seven individuals with the award. Join us in celebrating the innovative ways the winners are using Wolfram technologies to advance their industries and fields of [...]
3:16 PM | The Mystery of e^Pi-Pi (Very Mysterious Number)
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematical_coincidence If you have a calculator, check out the value of . It is 19.99909998… Why is it so close to the integer 20? Is it a coincidence (few things in Math are coincidence), or is it a sign of … Continue reading →
12:45 PM | For the Love of Reading
**Guest post by Anji Seberino** Why does it seem like kids don’t want to read anymore? Why is it that we have to practically force kids to read? There are many factors, but I hold the gaming industry largely accountable. Kids nowadays would much rather play games on any electronic device they can get their hands on rather than pick ...
10:53 AM | PSLE Results Release: Top Scorer in PSLE?
Source: http://www.moe.gov.sg/media/press/2014/11/release-of-2014-psle-results-and-2014-secondary-one-posting.php PSLE Results will be out tomorrow! Wishing all students and parents all the best. :) Currently, the PSLE Top Scorer is not released in mainstream media unlike in the past. It is perhaps a good thing too, to make … Continue reading →
8:24 AM | Sponsored Post / Advertising
Recently I have started accepting some sponsored posts and family-friendly advertisements on my blog: https://www.fiverr.com/mathtuition88/put-permanent-link-on-my-pagerank-4-site?funnel=2014112008100627112079920 Education related guest posts are welcome. Need to be family-friendly sites. :) Link will be put on my website: http://mathtuition88.com with PageRank 4, and over 500 … Continue reading →
7:52 AM | System of Equations Solver App / Widget
Just to test out this amazing System of Equations Widget by Wolfram Alpha: It works! :) Featured book: Linear Algebra For Dummies An easy-to-follow guide to practical, real-world applications of linear algebra Linear algebra is a branch of mathematics that … Continue reading →
6:21 AM | What is viXra?
viXra (http://vixra.org/) is the cousin of arXiv (http://arxiv.org/) which are electronic archives where researchers can submit their research before being published on a journal. The difference is that viXra allows anyone to submit their article, whereas arXiv requires an academic … Continue reading →

November 19, 2014

2:37 PM | 3 Act Math Task: Eiffel Tower Trek
Another post from Tap Into Teen Minds. Enjoy! Here’s a 3 act math task submission by Mishaal Surti. Awesome to see that he is jumping into creating his own real world math tasks and sharing out with the math community! Here’s the message he included with his submission: Hi Kyle, This was my first shot at a 3 Act. It doesn’t have a […] The post Eiffel Tower Trek appeared first on Tap Into Teen Minds.
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