July 29, 2015

4:00 AM | Math Team Canada’s achievements celebrated across Canada
Math Team Canada’s incredible ninth place finish and Alex Song’s top ranking at the IMO has received a lot of attention in the media this week. The story has gained traction in media outlets and on social media. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and NDP Leader Tom Muclair were two of the many people to offer their congratulations to Alex via Twitter. The CMS has staged Canadian participation in the IMO since 1981 and is one of the many programs that helps promotes the advancement, […]

July 28, 2015

4:00 AM | CMS sponsors inaugural Canadian Undergraduate Computer Science Conference
The CMS sponsored the first ever Canadian Undergraduate Computer Science Conference (CUCSC) at the University of British Columbia this July. CUCSC showcased undergraduate research in the computing sciences and was inspired by the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (CUMC). The CMS is pleased to continue to support initiatives that encourage STEM careers and professional development in Canada. For more information visit cucsc.ok.ubc.ca.

July 25, 2015

12:41 AM | How many chess games are possible?
Dr James Grime talking about the Shannon Number and other chess stuff. More soon on chess positions and numbers.
12:33 AM | The mathematics of better health. How much weight do you really need to lose?
There are "a range of opinions about levels of risk associated with being a particular weight and whether other measures such as waist circumference, hip to waist ratio, waist to height ratio are more important".

July 23, 2015

9:40 AM | Year 7 Introductory Algebra - ABCD quiz
A set of four quizzes (A, B, C, D) for Year 7 Introductory Algebra.
8:38 AM | Magic Vs
An interactive SMART Notebook file plus a worksheet and some number cards for interacting with the NRICH problm Magic Vs.

July 20, 2015

6:03 AM | rearrangement of infinite series
newest definition

July 18, 2015

12:06 PM | Vibration. See the unseen: Cymbal at 1,000 frames per second.
See the vibrations in a cymbal viewed at 1000 frames per second.
7:16 AM | Three high-speed camera shots
I came across this clip in 2009 and have been using it as an introduction to rates, i.e. we see so much more detail when the frame rate of the camera is 2500 fps.
2:29 AM | Tennis serve in slow motion
At 6000 fps, you can see just how much the racquet flattens a tennis ball on the serve. [Kottke] Super slow motion footage is a good introduction to rates.
1:54 AM | Absolute zero to ‘absolute hot’
How cold can it get on Earth? How hot can hot truly get? An infographic that takes you from absolute zero to what scientists think is the absolute heat limit.
1:43 AM | Nardò Ring
The Nardò Ring is a high speed, 7.8 mile long, circular test track in Nardò, Italy. Each of the ring’s four lanes has a determined “neutral speed” and is banked in such a manner that one can drive as if the road were straight. Stimulus for Extension 2 about curved tracks.

July 16, 2015

3:43 PM | Monster School Bus
In Monster School Bus, students play a newly hired bus driver with a certain number of seats on the bus. The mission: to pick up each neighborhood’s little monsters and bring them to school – without dividing up groups (monsters don’t like that). In early levels, each little monster takes up one seat and players combine integers to add up to 10. Each new neighborhood exposes learners to a more complex set of numbers, including decimals and fractions. The design of characters […]
3:35 PM | Number Rights
Whole numbers are no better than any others! Practice plotting values on the number line as a passionate activist rises up and demands equity for all numbers, including fractions and decimals.
3:19 PM | Pearl Diver
Navigate the number line while diving amidst shipwrecks and sunken ruins. Will you find a pearl, or an old boot? Watch out for the electric eel! Pearl Diver teaches properties of numbers, how to plot numbers, how to visualize quantity on the number line, how to order numbers, and how to use the number line as a visual model for mathematical operations. 
3:10 PM | Game Over Gopher
Game Over Gopher is an exciting tower defense game that guides students in plotting coordinate pairs, differentiating negative coordinates from positive coordinates, and identifying the four quadrants. Hungry space gophers are marching towards a prize carrot, and to defend it players place tools around the coordinate grid to “feed” gophers and make them lose interest. Ruby mines (which must be placed at designated x, y coordinates) yield currency that players spend to strategically […]
2:44 PM | Gate
Gate is designed to strengthen number sense, especially around place value. When students hit 6th grade, they begin applying basic math concepts to more difficult applications, including with fractions and decimals. Frequently, students lose the ability to "make sense" of these numbers. For example, they fail to realize that just as 8 + 2 = 10, 0.8 + 0.2 = 1.0. Additionally, they struggle in building number groups – seeing, for example, that the number "99" can be created with 99 ones, […]
4:00 AM | Math Team Canada places 9th at the International Mathematical Olympiad
Math Team Canada placed ninth out of 104 countries at the 56th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The team achieved impressive individual results. Zhuo Qun (Alex) Song (Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, N.H.) and Kevin Sun (Phillips Exeter Academy) both earned gold medals and Yan (Bill) Huang (West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South, West Windsor, N.J.) Michael Pang (Fort Richmond Collegiate, Winnipeg, Man.), Alexander Whatley (North Houston Academy of Science […]

July 13, 2015

10:39 AM | Derivative Plotter
Show the derivative function for a series of examples. Also has the ability to show the derivative of a user-defined function.
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