August 21, 2014

1:30 PM | Sampling the wrong part of the aorta sinks aneurysm paper
A paper on an experimental treatment for abdominal aneurysms has been retracted after it was discovered samples had been taken from the wrong part of the aorta. Here is the PLOS ONE notice for “Inhibition of Rho-Kinase by Fasudil Suppresses Formation and Progression of Experimental Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms:” The authors retract this publication due to […]

August 20, 2014

3:30 PM | Crystal confusion leads to retractions for optics researchers
A mistaken molecular structure has led to a retraction and a withdrawal for group in India studying optical crystals. Here’s the notice for “Crystal growth and spectroscopic characterization of Aloevera amino acid added lithium sulfate monohydrate: A non-linear optical crystal” in Spectrochimica Acta Part A: This article has been retracted at the request of authors. According […]
1:30 PM | Elephant femur paper subject to expression of concern retracted following investigation
Last month, we reported on a 2012 paper in Interface whose authors had the journal issue an expression of concern about it because of “some of the data and methods.” At the time, The Royal Veterinary College at the University of London was conducting an investigation into the research. Today, that expression of concern was […]

August 19, 2014

4:12 PM | Linguistics retraction fails to speak clearly
The Canadian Center of Science and Education has put out a truly useless retraction for a paper published in June 2010 in their journal English Language Teaching. Here’s the notice for “A Solution to Plato’s Problem: Faculty of Language as A Complex Non-Linear System”: The editorial board announced this article has been retracted on August 18, […]
12:30 PM | Hmm: Authors retract paper rather than allow discussion of politics of organ donation in China
Organ donation in China, particularly the practice of using organs from executed prisoners, which the government pledged to stop by the middle of this year, has been a controversial subject. For a group of authors in that country and the U.S, a letter criticizing their work that introduced “the political situation of organ donation in […]
7:50 AM | Dagli equilibri di Nash ai comportamenti collettivi
Quando ho condiviso il tweet qui sotto, non mi ero reso ancora conto del nome che avevo appena letto, eppure avrebbe dovuto suonarmi un campanello nella testa. Continuano i riconoscimenti internazionali per la #matematica dell'Universita' della #Calabria pic.twitter.com/JHIWaVlVGu— Gianluigi Filippelli (@ulaulaman) August 18, 2014Poi dopo è successo che sono andato a ricontrollare (che poi i campanelli magari suonano e semplicemente la suoneria è così bassa che non la senti, […]

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August 18, 2014

3:30 PM | I know you are but what am I? School program paper pulled for duplication
An article on youth development programs in Hong Kong has been retracted for its similarity to another article on youth development programs by the same authors. The paper, “Process Evaluation of a Positive Youth Development Program in Hong Kong Based on Different Cohorts,” appeared in 2012 in The Scientific World Journal, and was written by […]
1:30 PM | Bearly believable: Water bear paper retracted for missing lab notebooks
Tardigrades, the most hardy animals on or off planet Earth, can survive boiling, freezing, and even the ravages of outer space. Unfortunately, some data on water bears’ memories proved to be less long-lasting, earning a retraction for a George Mason University researcher who also published the paper without alerting her co-workers ahead of time. Here’s the notice for […]
7:30 AM | A Fields Medal reading list
One of the highest points of the International Congress of Mathematicians, currently underway in Seoul, Korea, has got to be the announcement of the Fields Medal prize winners. The prize is awarded every four years to up to four mathematicians under the age of 40, and is viewed as one of the highest honours a mathematician can receive The post A Fields Medal reading list appeared first on OUPblog.         Related StoriesMiles Davis’s Kind of […]

August 16, 2014

1:32 PM | Weekend reads: Publish a paper, get $10,000!; Lancet editor Horton under fire
Another busy week at Retraction Watch. Here’s what was happening elsewhere: Publish a paper, get $10,000! “Following the publication in The Lancet last month of an open letter to the people of Gaza, a number of doctors have begun a petition to force editor-in-chief Richard Horton to resign. Should medical journals get political? A heavily […]

August 15, 2014

3:20 PM | Enthusiastic retraction and retracted correction mark loss of researcher’s fourth and fifth papers
Here’s a physics retraction whose use of an exclamation point — the only one we’ve ever seen in a retraction notice! — makes the editors’ exasperation palpable. It’s also the the fourth retraction for R. K. Singhal, of the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India. Behold the notice for “Magnetic behavior of functionally modified spinel Ni0.4Ca0.6Fe2O4 […]
1:30 PM | “Irregularities” lead to retraction of paper on delirium
A paper on delirium in older adults has been withdrawn by a geriatric journal, after the clinical hospital notified the journal of problems in the data. Here’s the notice for “Issues Associated with Delirium Severity Among Older Patients,” which first appeared in BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care: This abstract has been retracted on the request of […]

August 14, 2014

3:46 PM | “Research misconduct accounts for a small percentage of total funding”: Study
How much money does scientific fraud waste? That’s an important question, with an answer that may help determine how much attention some people pay to research misconduct. But it’s one that hasn’t been rigorously addressed. Seeking some clarity,  Andrew Stern, Arturo Casadevall, Grant Steen, and Ferric Fang looked at cases in which the Office of […]
3:00 PM | University of Maryland duo notches third retraction
A pair of researchers at the University of Maryland have retracted a third paper. Here’s the unhelpful Journal of Biological Chemistry notice for “Inhibitor of Nrf2 (INrf2 or Keap1) protein degrades Bcl-xL via phosphoglycerate mutase 5 and controls cellular apoptosis,” by Suryakant Niture and Anil Jaiswal: This article has been withdrawn by the authors. The […]
1:30 PM | Mistaken punctuation, misreferencing, and other euphemisms for plagiarism
It’s always amusing to see how far a journal will bend over backward to avoid coming out and calling something “plagiarism.” We’ve got two notices for you that exemplify the phenomenon, which we discussed in our Lab Times column last year. The first, an article about apartheid, was presented at a student conference and published in the Polyvocia: […]

August 13, 2014

3:00 PM | The tell-tale heart: Cardiovascular surgeons notch two retractions for plagiarism
Sometimes plagiarism can be tricky to catch when an article has to be translated before publication. That seems to be the case for two papers out of a hospital in Canakkale, Turkey, that discussed results of two different kinds of heart surgery. Here’s the retraction notice for “The effects of 21 and 23 milimeter aortic valve […]
12:30 PM | Cell retraction of Alzheimer’s study is second for Tufts neuroscientist
A researcher at Tufts University has retracted a paper in Cell, a year after retracting a study on a similar subject from the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Here’s the notice for “SIRT1 Suppresses β-Amyloid Production by Activating the α-Secretase Gene ADAM10,” a 2010 paper by Tufts’ Gizem Donmez, MIT’s Leonard Guarante — of longevity research […]

August 12, 2014

8:44 PM | Harvard stem cell scientist Vacanti taking leave in wake of STAP retractions
Charles Vacanti, a Harvard anesthesiologist and stem cell pioneer whose name appeared on both retracted STAP stem cell papers, is giving up his post as chair of anesthesiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and taking a year-long sabbatical. According to the Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog, which as become a must-read for anyone interested in […]
3:00 PM | “Is Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery? Not Without Proper Attribution.”
We’re going to get a little meta here, so be warned. Take a look at the headline of this post. For those of you unfamiliar with the symbols to the left and right of the words, those are quotation marks. What that means is that we’ve taken those two sentences from another source. And here […]
12:33 PM | Authors retract highly cited XMRV-prostate cancer link paper from PNAS
Retraction Watch readers may recall that nearly two years ago, an editor at PLOS declared the scientific story of a link between XMRV, aka xenotropic murine leukemia-related virus, and prostate cancer over, saying that a retraction from PLOS Pathogens was the “final chapter.” (That retraction led to an apology from the journal about how it […]

August 11, 2014

3:00 PM | Intellectual property lawyer loses papers for … plagiarism
Although most of what Alanis Morissette sang about in her hit song “Ironic” wasn’t irony at all, had she included a line or two about Angela Adrian she would have nailed it. Adrian is an expert in intellectual property law, a former editor of the International Journal of Intellectual Property Management, a legal scholar whose […]
1:30 PM | Hydrogen journal pulls palladium paper for data misuse
The International Journal of Hydrogen Energy is retracting a 2013 article for what appears to be the misappropriation of data. The paper,  titled “Hydrogen production by an anaerobic photocatalytic reforming using palladium nanoparticle on boron and nitrogen doped TiO2 catalysts,” was written by researchers from the Veltech Dr RR & Dr SR Technical University, in Chennai, […]

August 09, 2014

2:02 PM | Weekend reads: Women in science, creative peer review, is civil discourse about science still possible?
Another busy week at Retraction Watch. Here’s what was happening elsewhere: “In science, it matters that women come last,” writes Emma Pierson about an analysis of authorship order on arXiv. Are journals asking you to recommend reviewers? Get creative, says Andrew Farke! Well, not too creative, of course. “Is civil discourse about science controversies still […]

August 08, 2014

3:30 PM | Holocaust paper yanked for plagiarizing
Pro tip: If you’re going to write a paper on giving voice to hidden words, PLEASE try not to plagiarize! Esther Sánchez-Pardo, of Complutense University in Madrid, was the author of a 2010 article in the European Journal of English Studies titled “Who will carry the word? The threshold between unspeakability and silence in the Holocaust […]
2:14 PM | La matematica delle lacrime
Un gruppo di fisici che studiano la meccanica dei fluidi ha iniziato una proficua collaborazione con Kara Maki riguardo lo studio dinamico delle "pellicole" di lacrime. Il modello, sviluppato in tre articoli che hanno preceduto il lavoro conclusivo, soprattutto sperimentale, è così descritto: all'interno della pellicola lacrimale, le dinamiche del fluido sono governate dalle equazioni incomprimibili di Navier-Stokes insieme con la conservazione di massa ed energia. Alla superficie libera […]

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1:30 PM | Paper on liver failure in babies withdrawn for lab mix-up
A paper on liver failure in infants has been retracted due to a lab error, though the author contends that the paper still holds a valuable message for pediatricians — one that could save lives. To get to that, though, we had to make it through what turns out to be an unnecessarily vague retraction […]

August 07, 2014

3:50 PM | On vigorous scientific debates, witch hunts, and the tragedy of suicide
The suicide earlier this week of Yoshiki Sasai, one of the scientists who worked on the now-discredited STAP stem cell work, was a startling and sobering reminder to the research community and the public that misconduct can take a heavy human toll – even on people like Sasai, whom by all accounts only had the […]
1:30 PM | Immunology paper retracted for inappropriate presentation but “no evidence of intentional misconduct”
A paper in Immnunity has been retracted after two separate panels determined some of the figures “inappropriately presented” the data but cleared the team of wrongdoing. However, the original data are now unavailable, according to the notice, so there’s no way to know if the paper’s conclusions are sound. Here’s the notice for “Suppressors of Cytokine […]

August 06, 2014

3:00 PM | Researcher with 25 retractions covered up other fraud, says university
The Japanese endocrinology researcher Shigeaki Kato, with at least 25 retractions to his name, is alleged to have been the ringleader of a scheme to cover up other research misconduct at the University of Tokyo, his former employer, which investigated the activity. According to the Japan Times, Kato and three other colleagues took steps to […]
1:30 PM | A year after ORI report, hematology journal retracts faked paper
A year after an ORI report discredited the work of former University of Washington in Seattle researcher Andrew Aprikyan, one of the papers named in the report has finally been retracted. Here’s the notice for “Impaired survival of bone marrow hematopoietic progenitor cells in cyclic neutropenia”:  The Editors of Blood retract the above-cited publication. An Office of […]
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