September 01, 2014

5:58 PM | Charla imprescindible de Adrián Paenza en el ICM 2014 Seúl
Ya sabrás que el matemático argentino Adrián Paenza ha ganado el Premio Leelavati en el Congreso Internacional de Matemáticos (ICM) 2014 celebrado en Seúl. Yo no había visto su charla plenaria con motivo del premio hasta ahora. Realmente imprescindible. […] Leer más La entrada Charla imprescindible de Adrián Paenza en el ICM 2014 Seúl fue escrita en La Ciencia de la Mula Francis. Entradas relacionadas: ¿Ganará una mujer una Medalla Fields en el ICM 2014 […]
4:51 PM | What it's like to be a woman in social media
An excellent article about Mary Beard, the famous classicist, is in this week's New Yorker. It is informative to have a prominent academic give an account of her life experiences like this. I want to encourage others to read the original article, but will pull out one salient and topical...
4:16 PM | Happy Labor Day (hat-tip Mark Silcox)
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1:00 PM | Netflix and the ethics of modern journalism
I had meant to drop this topic after the recent Emmys post, but one more issue got stuck between my teeth and I think it would be easier to write it away then to try to ignore it.I recently heard an interview on public radio that bothered me quite a bit but before I get into the specifics I should probably lay some groundwork about the Netflix business model.When Netflix first started as a DVD-by-mail service, perhaps its greatest selling point was selection. It couldn't offer every movie and […]
12:56 PM | Danish committee rejects much of Klarlund Pedersen’s appeal of misconduct findings
The Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (DCSD, Danish acronym UVVU) has partially reversed a December 2013 finding of misconduct against a scientist in Denmark, but has upheld most of its ruling. Bente Klarlund Pedersen, whose case was tied up with that of Milena Penkowa, another scientist in Denmark found guilty of misconduct, committed misconduct in […]
11:00 AM | WS MoreOrLess: Do We Use Only 10% of Our Brains? 29 Aug 14
Is it true that humans use just 10% of their brains? It’s the premise of the new film Lucy, in which the brain capacity of Scarlett Johansson’s character increases to dangerous levels. Tim Harford uses considerably more than 10% of his brain to separate the neuro-science facts from the fiction with Professor Sophie Scott. What drives the price of footballers? Tim Harford tries to understand the huge transfer fees with Raffaele Poli from the CIES Football Observatory and football […]
4:00 AM | Revue de presse septembre 2014
Cet été, il a été beaucoup question dans la presse de médailles (Fields) et de leur revers (la crise que l'enseignement des mathématiques continue de traverser). Plongez avec nous dans les nombreux portraits de mathématicien-ne-s, médaillés ou non, constatez la crise sans défaitisme, puis venez fêter les initiatives qui à chaque point du globe rendent les mathématiques plus vivantes que jamais. Bonne rentrée à tous ! - Actualités / featured

August 31, 2014

1:00 PM | Look Ma, No Zero!
As I told my class on Thursday, the theme of the first week of our math history course was “easy algebra is hard in base 60.” We started the semester in ancient Mesopotamia, trying to understand... -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
Editor's Pick
1:19 AM | Barry Ritholtz on Market Timing, Wolf Richter on rigging the IPO market
I don't have the time to do anything more than pass these along (and Joseph has even less), but these are worth your time.First, Barry Ritholtz  looks at the upper and lower bounds for returns on market timing strategies and comes up with some interesting conclusions.Second, Wolf Richter shows how a carefully placed (and even more carefully leaked) investment of $20 million has caused the valuation of a company with no revenue and virtually no business plan to go from an […]

August 30, 2014

8:40 PM | Q: Before you open the box, isn’t Schrödinger’s cat alive or dead, not alive and dead?
The original question was: If I don’t open the lid of the bunker, the cat inside is either dead OR alive.  Why does Schrödinger say that the cat is both alive AND dead if I do not perform the act of … Continue reading →
1:45 PM | Weekend reads: DIY peer review, wildly exaggerated breakthroughs, and how to commit fraud without being caught
Another busy week at Retraction Watch. Here’s what was happening elsewhere: “…as I am the first author of this manuscript…it would probably be better if someone else performed the review.” Keon West on “the strangest e-mail I’ve had to send in a while.” Of course, he could have just done his own peer review. “…most […]
5:00 AM | Il problema di agosto (552) – Wimbledon 2.0
Ma vi rende conto? Rudy che non sa neppure che a Wimbledon è assolutamente irrinunciabile vestire di bianco! Dobbiamo davvero vederle tutte, in questa vita faticosa. Oddio, va riconosciuto a Rudy che, a ben vedere, non è che si trattasse davvero di Wimbledon: anche perché, se si fosse trattato davvero del praticello inglese, assai difficilmente avremmo [...]

August 29, 2014

10:03 PM | youtube channel for all Wooster piano performances
This is what the internet was invented for. Twenty or so years ago some friends and I voted over and over again to try to get Wodehouse listed in the infamous Modern Library reader's choice of top 100 novels of the twentieth century. Due to our labors, for a week...
6:19 PM | Statshot: Large Weddings, Burning Man and College Football
In this week's statshot: A new study finds that large weddings seem to mean happier marriages; since Burning Man started, the annual weeklong desert festival has grown so much that it temporarily becomes the sixth-largest city in Nevada; and big-time college football will now have a four-team playoff.
5:55 PM | Comet Landing Like Trying to Put a Toy Helicopter on a Leaking Balloon
The Rosetta space probe made history this month when it became the first mission to orbit a comet. The trip took a dozen years, covered 4 billion miles, and required four gravity slingshots to control the satellite’s speed and trajectory.
3:53 PM | Labor Day Gas Prices Lowest Since 2010
Labor Day is a huge travel weekend, but fortunately this year won't cost so much in gas.
3:31 PM | MoreOrLess: How Deadly Is Ebola? 29 Aug 14
Media reports are suggesting that as many as 12,000 people may have Ebola in West Africa, but experts tell More or Less that's not the case. It's also said that Ebola kills up to 90% of victims, but while that's true of one outbreak, the death rate in other Ebola outbreaks has varied widely. Tim Harford and Ruth Alexander
3:29 PM | Australian university to repay $275K grant because of “misleading and incorrect” information
Courtesy of The Australian, we have an update on a story we first covered in late 2012. As we reported then: A contested retraction in Stem Cells and Development has left the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) graduate student who fought for it in limbo, uncertain if he will earn his PhD. And many of […]
1:30 PM | Second retraction appears for former University of Florida ob-gyn subject to ORI probe
Nasser Chegini, an ob-gyn formerly on the faculty at the University of Florida who has been the subject of an Office of Research Integrity (ORI) inquiry for several years, has a second retraction. Chegini is suspected of having used bogus data in some of his work — research backed in part by some $4 million […]
1:00 PM | Beautiful spiral cracks could be a feature, not a flaw
Unusually uniform, watercolour-like fractures that form in high-tech materials could be used to manufacture micro-patterned surfaces
1:00 PM | One of the most important aspects of Common Core gets relatively little attention
“No one ever went out to lunch with Mushari. He took nourishment alone in cheap cafeterias, and plotted the violent overthrow of the Rosewater Foundation. He knew no Rosewaters. What engaged his emotions was the fact that the Rosewater fortune was the largest single money package represented by McAllister, Robjent, Reed and McGee. He recalled what his favorite professor, Leonard Leech, once told him about getting ahead in law. Leech said that, just as a good airplane pilot should always be […]
9:55 AM | Smiling vortex
Image by Ole Myrtroeen and Gary Hunt.read more
9:06 AM | Meet the next generation
At the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) this year we met Peter Scholze, a full Professor at the University of Bonn and an invited speaker at the ICM — all at the tender age of 26! So we just had to interview him...Listen to our interview with Peter Scholzeread more
2:00 AM | Août, 5ème défi
Chaque semaine, un défi du calendrier mathématique 2014... - Défis du Calendrier Mathématique 2014 / Carrousel

August 28, 2014

5:08 PM | What Countries Produce the Most Vehicles?
China leads the way as the world's largest producer of cars and commercial vehicles, making roughly double the number (22.1 million) that the U.S. produced in 2013 (11.1 million), according to data from auto industry analyst WardsAuto.
3:40 PM | Simons Early Career Investigator in Marine Microbial Ecology and Evolution Awards Launched
The awards are intended to help launch and support the careers of outstanding young investigators who use quantitative approaches to advance our understanding of marine microbial ecology and evolution.
3:35 PM | The importance of a mathematical community
Ingrid Daubechies at the opening ceremony of the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2014. Image copyright ⓒ 2010-2014 International Congress of Mathematicians 2014, all rights reserved.Listen to our interview with Ingrid Daubechiesread more
3:30 PM | Déjà vu: Double pub in the same issue earns a retraction
Always do a careful reading of your galleys, editors. We imagine readers of Biomedical Chromatography’s special issue, “Reminiscences of Chang Kee Lim,” did some flipping back and forth when they found the same paper published twice. Here’s the resulting notice for “Determination of 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal in serum by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection after pre-column derivatization using […]
3:07 PM | Experiment tests whether universe is a hologram
A new device searching for fundamental units of space and time has officially started taking data, and could reveal new features of the nature of reality
1:30 PM | Cancer researcher has correction upgraded to retraction
Rakesh Kumar, a researcher with six recent corrections and one retraction, has had one of those corrections upgraded to a retraction. Here’s the unhelpful notice, from Molecular Endocrinology: The August 2007 Molecular Endocrinology article by by Gururaj et al, “Estrogen Induces Expression of BCAS3, A Novel Estrogen Receptor-alpha Coactivator, through Proline-, Glutamic Acid-, and Leucine-Rich […]
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