April 21, 2015

5:00 AM | Check Your Solutions
(Click on the comic if you can't see the full image.) (C)Copyright 2015, C. Burke.Extra for solution sets. The "Eggoids" appeared very early on in the strip when I needed something to be the embodiment of a mathematical formula. I didn't want to have just an equation with eyes and a mouth, or even a talking equation with no facial features at all. I think I've done both in the past near-1000 strips. You know, I did think of doing some kind of "discount" 9.95 joke, but I didn't want to get […]
2:18 AM | Why Craft Brewers Are Turning Beer Into Wine – Game Theory Tuesdays Case Study
I am told the beer scene was completely different in the 1980s. Most places offered Budweiser or Miller. If you were lucky, you could get a Heineken, Sam Adams, or a Guinness. Today, you can get a better selection at a train station. At Chicago’s Union Station you can get at least 10 craft beers, … Continue reading Why Craft Brewers Are Turning Beer Into Wine – Game Theory Tuesdays Case Study

April 20, 2015

3:15 PM | Loving... Mathematics
For today, just a bit of humor lifted verbatim from Jim Henle's short, delightful, new volume, "The Proof and the Pudding," a fun book which, rather to my surprise, I'm loving (...a review sometime in the future): "A mathematician was trying to decide: Should I get married? Or should I take a lover? The mathematician consulted a lawyer.'By all means take a lover. The legal complications of
1:00 PM | Math at Work Monday: Julie the Digital Marketing and Communications Professional
Today’s interview showcases my talk with Julie Pippert of Artful Media Group who has been in the business of marketing and communications for over 20 years. For the past 4 years she has been doing it digitally which is really exciting. I loved my interview with her not only because I find her job fascinating […]
12:30 PM | 4/20/15
4 = 20 * 1 / 5 Also: 4 = |2 + 0 - 1 - 5| Also: √4 = |2 + 0 + 1 - 5|
9:33 AM | Mathical books for kids award winners announced
US organisations the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) and the Children’s Book Council (CBC) have founded a youth book prize, called Mathical: Books for Kids from Tots to Teens. The prizes, awarded for the first time this year, recognise the most inspiring maths-related fiction and nonfiction books aimed at young people. This year, they’ve awarded a set... Read more »
12:35 AM | educational-gifs: Visualizing the area of a circle.
educational-gifs: Visualizing the area of a circle.
12:00 AM | Deepwater Horizon Tragedy
How deep was the Deepwater Horizon boring when the disaster happened?

April 19, 2015

9:11 PM | You Might Be Dealing Cards Wrong. Are The Odds Really The Same? Sunday Puzzle
A Long Introductory Note I wrote this puzzle with the characters Alice, Bob and Charlie. Last week a math logic puzzle went viral with the characters Albert, Bernard and Cheryl (see how math people always use names conveniently starting with the letters A, B and C?). My video answer was one of the first posted … Continue reading You Might Be Dealing Cards Wrong. Are The Odds Really The Same? Sunday Puzzle
4:29 PM | On The Game Masters Of Triskelion - student
The Baron's last game pitted Sir R----- against him in a duel of dice. At each turn the Baron would add a token to a pile, initially containing four tokens, and he would roll a six sided die and Sir R----- would roll a four sided die. If Sir R-----'s roll equalled or exceeded the Baron's he could remove two tokens from the pile. The game cost Sir R----- a single coin to play and should he have ever exhausted the tokens would have won four coins from the Baron.
12:30 PM | 4/19/15
4 = 19 - 15 Also: 4 = (1 * 9) - (1 * 5) Also: √4 = |1 - 9| / |1 - 5|
11:15 AM | Geometry and Physical Space
Today's 'Sunday reflection' from physicist Carl Rovelli (via John Brockman's "This Idea Must Die")... in which I get to learn the word, "pullulating"!: "We will continue to use geometry as a useful branch of mathematics, but it's time to abandon the longstanding idea of geometry as the description of physical space. The idea that geometry is the description of physical space is ingrained in us
7:41 AM | Ένα αμερόληπτο πενταεδρικό ζάρι,ένα πρόβλημα υπό διαπραγμάτευση και γιατί οι υποψήφιοι πολιτικοί πρέπει να γνωρίζουν τον αλγόριθμο της φυσαλίδας.
3:03 AM | likeafieldmouse: Sol LeWitt - Double Negative Pyramid (1999)
likeafieldmouse: Sol LeWitt - Double Negative Pyramid (1999)
1:01 AM | spacepetals: Mobius transformation as rigid motion of the...
spacepetals: Mobius transformation as rigid motion of the Riemann sphere. Animation made in Mathematica. code can be found here Check out Möbius Transformations Revealed by Douglas Arnold and Jonathan Rogness. This video was one of the winners of the 2007 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. So awesome. :D 
12:00 AM | How much money do bloggers make?
Can you earn a living just from blogging?

April 18, 2015

11:37 PM | Leonard Euler
This week we celebrated Euler’s birthday on 15th and I thought I need to write something about him. In my (almost) 4 years of university I have heard his name a lot of time. And this is a thing especially because at most of my courses the teachers don’t say anything about the mathematicians that […]
10:30 PM | Le théorème de Kuratowski
Choisissez une partie quelconque du plan. A cette partie, on peut lui appliquer deux types d’opérations: Soit on prend son complémentaire; Soit on prend sa fermeture (au sens topologique du terme). Pour ceux qui ne sauraient pas vraiment ce que … Continuer la lecture →
3:15 PM | #thatlogicproblem round-up
C: $K_A m; \\ K_B d.$ A: $\neg K_A d; \\ m \vDash \neg K_B m.$ B: $d \not\vDash K_B m; \\ (K_A(\neg K_B m)) \vDash K_B (m,d).$ A: $m \wedge K_B(m,d) \vDash K_A (m,d).$ Albert, Bernard and Cheryl have had a busy week. They’re the stars of #thatlogicproblem, a question from a Singapore maths test... Read more »
12:30 PM | 4/18/15
4 - 1 = (8 * 1) - 5 |4 - 1 - 8| = 1 * 5 Also: 4 = 1 + 8 - (1 * 5) Also: √4 = 1 * 8 / (|1 - 5|)
12:57 AM | geometrymatters: The intricate work of Rafael Araujo© Rafael...
geometrymatters: The intricate work of Rafael Araujo© Rafael Araujo

April 17, 2015

6:54 PM | http://www.1001mathproblems.com/2015/04/blog-post_17.html
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4:00 PM | Social Media Icons Widget
Now adding social media icons to your sidebar is simple and seamless.
12:30 PM | 4/17/15
√4 = 17 - 15 Also: 4 = (1 + 7) / √(|1 - 5|) Also: √4 = (1 + 7) / |1 - 5|
11:45 AM | Big Bag of Weekly Links
The math bits I didn't much cover at Math-Frolic this week (and quite a varied selection I must say!)... 1)  Only one topic to start a wrap-up of this week with: that Singapore logic conundrum... Ever-instructive and smiling James Grime covers the possible answers (depending on semantics) in this video: http://singingbanana.tumblr.com/post/116546302907/
5:49 AM | 6 Wellknown Exam Stress Relieving Tips for University Students
When you’re in a University, even that annoying pop-up quiz that the professor gave once when you were absent could do well to drop your grade by a few points (thanks to hard luck). Welcome to the world of zero excuses, zero absences, and no second chances. That’s life. That’s the University! Thinking about a... Continue Reading » Visit the original post 6 Wellknown Exam Stress Relieving Tips for University Students for the best experience of reading!
5:00 AM | Happy Math
(Click on the comic if you can't see the full image.) (C)Copyright 2015, C. Burke.I've done this. No, it doesn't make it better. I've also had some interesting conversations online with people who absolutely hate, despise, loathe, abhor and generally wish to do all sorts of ill deeds to long division of all sorts. And that's just the teachers! Come back often for more funny math and geeky comics.

April 16, 2015

11:59 PM | Belfast for one Day
If you saw on my Facebook Page I went to Belfast for one day just to sort some things for my VISA . In case you don’t know I have been accepted to participate in a summer school in USA and because I am Romanian I need to get a VISA. So, I had to […]
6:57 PM | Games: for sport or curiosity
I think it's time to write my experiences and insights about gaming (again). As for myself, I like to play with GNU Chess or GNU Go in these days, because mastering these games could lead to success in real life too. As for chess, I do not like that the starting position is always the same, and for this reason, experienced players have a great advantage due to familiarity with the openings. In chess, the actual position can be evaluated by computers quite well, so the position gets a numeric […]
6:01 PM | How much own money do scientists spend on research?
Dr. Edward Hind (independent researcher) and Dr. Brett Favaro (Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s NL) are conducting a survey to examine how much of their own personal money scientists spend on their research programs, and to compare these values across stage of career. If you would also like to know how much of their […]
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