May 29, 2015

8:22 AM | Women scientists in history
A scary timeline of female education: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_female_education And some of the very few women scientists in the otherwise enlightened Europe: Beatriz Galindo (1465?-1534), Spanish Latinist, writer, humanist and teacher of Queen Isabella of Castille and her children http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beatriz_Galindo Juliana Morell (16 February 1594 – 26 June 1653) Spanish nun, first woman to receive a Doctor of Laws […]
7:30 AM | Brain'o Quiz # 9
5/29/2015 Mr. B’s “BRAIN-O” QuizGuaranteed to unclog clogged up […]
7:13 AM | The Other Half – Parable of the Polygons
Anna Haensch and Annie Rorem are the hosts of a new podcast, The Other Half. This is the second of two posts based on the first episode, about racism and segregation. In the first part of episode one, we use the Racial Dot Map to get a sense of what race looks like in our country. And... Read more »

May 28, 2015

7:15 PM | Tangential to Math
A couple of not-very-mathy postings that I think worth passing along: a)  The first is an interesting and timely philosophical/psychological piece, that I'll (tenuously) justify as math-related because it involves the perception of probabilities: applying the "trolley car problem" (ethics thought experiment) to self-driving cars and real life... https://medium.com/@tanayj/
5:11 PM | What a Mathematician should visit in Bucharest
The series ‘What a Mathematician should visit’ continues. For this summer I have decided to write about a city from as many European countries as possible. They will be mostly countries I have visited in the past ^_^ For today I have chosen Bucharest, Romania. Romania is my home country and I am really excited to write […]
4:00 PM | New Themes: Apostrophe and Canard
Introducing Apostrophe and Canard, two magazine themes available for free.
3:02 PM | http://www.1001mathproblems.com/2015/05/blog-post_28.html
No summary available for this post.
1:31 PM | Next Symbol Puzzle for 28 May 2015
Given the symbol set:         Which is the next symbol in the series? A:     B:     C:     D:     E:       Please explain your answer!  
12:30 PM | 5/28/15
(5 * 2) - 8 = √|(1 - 5)| Also: |5 + 2 - 8| = 1^5 Also: |5 - 2 - 8| = 1 * 5
3:14 AM | Math Trick: Multiply Numbers Between 6 to 10 On Your Fingers
What is 7 times 8? I have posted a math trick so you’ll never forget the answer. You can multiply any two numbers from 6 to 10 using your two hands! Multiply Numbers Between 6 to 10 On Your Fingers There is a mathematical reason why this method is sound. Multiply Numbers Between 6 to … Continue reading Math Trick: Multiply Numbers Between 6 to 10 On Your Fingers
12:44 AM | theapocalypticalgorithm: geometricloci: The gif  shows a...
theapocalypticalgorithm: geometricloci: The gif  shows a deltoid moving inside an astroid . MORE

May 27, 2015

10:18 PM | Pi Approximation Day
7/22/2015Happy Pi Approximation Day:"BACK IN THE DAY" before we had hand held electronic calculators with a "pi" button we had to remember the digits of pi or we had to use an approximation for the digits of pi.I started out in college studying engineering and memorizing pi to 4 digits (past the decimal point) was sufficient for most courses and most applications:3.1415A popular approximation was 22/7, but this only gave an accuracy of two digits (past the decimal point) or:3.14A better […]
6:37 PM | Flipped
(Click on the comic if you can't see the full image.) (C)Copyright 2015, C. Burke.I'm sure you always expected he'd be the first one to flip. This comic is long overdue, given how long ago I was introduced to the concept of the flipped classroom by (x, why?) reader, and occasional comic user, Stacey Roshan. Here is a Washington Post story from 2012 her flipped classroom. You do realize (and she probably does, as well) that I'm practically daring her to use this comic in a future lesson. […]
3:18 PM | fuckyeahfluiddynamics: The kitchen is a fantastic place to...
fuckyeahfluiddynamics: The kitchen is a fantastic place to witness the everyday beauty of fluid dynamics. Daria Khoroshavina and Olga Kolesnikova capture these delectable cooking-related GIFs on their Buttery Planet Tumblr. From pouring cream to drizzling syrup, there are countless examples of fluids in daily life. Check out their site for more awesome images and be sure to keep your eyes open for great examples of fluid behavior in your day-to-day life. (Image credits: Buttery […]
2:50 PM | SCC 60: The Other Half
On this episode of Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen is joined by the hosts of the new ACMEScience podcast The Other Half, Annie Rorem and Anna Haensch. The Other Half, a new podcast from ACMEScience.com, is an exploration of the the other half of a bunch of things. First, Anna and Annie want to take […]
2:47 PM | Mate in Two 27 May 2015
  Chess is a great way to build up reasoning and pattern recognition skills.  That is why I am introducing chess problems as a new type of puzzle for users to enjoy. Here is our very first puzzle.  White moves first, and white can mate in two.  Can you see the solution?       If […]
12:30 PM | 5/27/15
(5 + 2) / 7 = 1^5 Also: |5 - 2 - 7| = |1 - 5| Also: 5 | 2715
4:00 AM | One-Word Math Classes
Can you summarize a whole branch of mathematics in one word? Continue reading →
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12:19 AM | rudescience: The Average of Two Square Roots is Less than or...
rudescience: The Average of Two Square Roots is Less than or Equal to the Square Root of the AvarageFile this under simple math things that make me unreasonably angry but are absolutely fascinating.I mean… look at that… why???

May 26, 2015

11:15 PM | The Power of Biography
courtesy of pixabay.com  I always enjoy learning which popular math books have inspired other mathematicians along their way. One of the volumes that most frequently comes up, to my surprise, is E.T. Bell's "Men of Mathematics." In fact, it arose again in an obituary for John Nash over the weekend, mentioning it as one of his favorites. (Of course both the Sylvia Nasar bio and the movie
5:32 PM | Sequence Puzzle for 26 May 2015
Today’s puzzle is very simple – just a short sequence of numbers.  Can you identify the number that comes next – and why?   Please enter the missing number: 4, 5, 8, 17, 44, 125, ?    
4:00 PM | Web Publishing for All! Introducing Community Translator Tools
We're excited to announce new tools that help make WordPress even more accessible to people around the globe.
12:30 PM | 5/26/15
5 + 2 - 6 = 1^5 Also: 52 (mod 6) = |1 - 5| Also: (5 * 2) - 6 = |1 - 5|
8:49 AM | Fresh Turing preprints!
A couple of papers by Alan Turing have appeared on the arXiv. No, that’s right – The Applications of Probability to Cryptography and The Statistics of Repetitions are two papers Turing wrote during the Second World War, and they’re now available on the arXiv, transcribed into modern LaTeX by Ian Taylor. The papers were declassified in 2012, and... Read more »
7:30 AM | "This Page Intentionally Left Blank"
5/26/2015This page intentionally left blank.I'm sorry, but Spock would say "That's not logical." David
5:28 AM | Undecanacci and Super-Undecanacci Sequences
6/11/2015 The Undecanacci Sequence: a(0) = a(1) = a(2) = a(3) = a(4) = a(5) = a(6) […]
5:08 AM | Friday the Thirteenth - again
11/13/2015Today is "Friday the Thirteenth" - again.  This is the third one this year!!The next 5 years worth of "Friday the Thirtheenth"s are: […]
2:00 AM | John Nash Dies, Bees Vote Democratically, The Cure For Corruption – Game Theory News May 2015
This month’s collection begins with the sad news that John Nash, 86, died in a taxi crash on Saturday. Nash was returning from Norway where he was recognized with the Abel Prize for a geometric result he proved known as the Nash embedding theorem. Nash is most known for game theory, as described in Sylvia … Continue reading John Nash Dies, Bees Vote Democratically, The Cure For Corruption – Game Theory News May 2015
12:01 AM | drgauss: Perkel graph embeddings
drgauss: Perkel graph embeddings

May 25, 2015

5:57 PM | Memorial Day Bee-B-Q
(Click on the comic if you can't see the full image.) (C)Copyright 2015, C. Burke.He's a 1-Bee Bomber, or a 1-Bee Broomer. Some things never change: like getting the Ol' Man away from the grill for more than a few seconds. And while you're grilling and enjoying the day off, keep in mind why you have the day off and the freedom to grill whatever you want in peace. Well, except for the bees. But even then, there's someone who's keeping you safe. Come back often for more funny math and geeky […]
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