September 16, 2014

10:04 AM | Desmos + Math
I was really blown away with Desmos. They just keep getting better. I found out this week they have apps now for i0S and Android and let you upload pictures. I was trying to figure out the parabola of my smile here. I uploaded my headshot and used a slider to play with [...]
8:19 AM | How not to be ignorant about the world
Recurring TED talker Hans Rosling returns with his son and Gapminder Foundation co-founder Ola Rosling and an update on their …Tags: Gapminder, Hans Rosling, health

September 15, 2014

11:13 PM | curiosamathematica: Repeated barycentric subdivision results in...
curiosamathematica: Repeated barycentric subdivision results in a gorgeous fractal-ish pattern.
6:57 PM | Awefull
Images by Jordan Bettcher (Dream--Awake)   http://im-possible.info/english/art/pencil/jordan-bettcher.html   Author - http://dream--awake.deviantart.com/
4:00 PM | Latitude and the Drought
Using California's range of latitude for a color coded plot the severity of its drought over time, via xkcd.
10:10 AM | Probabilities of failing birth control methods
In high school health class, where I learned about contraceptives and the dangers of pre-marital sex, my teacher spouted rates …Tags: birth control, New York Times
1:00 AM | Prüfer 2-group
This is the Prüfer $2$-group, the subgroup of the unit complex numbers consisting of all $2^n$th roots of unity. It is also called $\mathbb{Z}(2^\infty)$.

September 14, 2014

6:55 PM | Enamel works by Mikhail Mantulin
Enamel works with impossible figures by Mikhail Mantulin   http://im-possible.info/english/art/applied_art/mikhail-mantulin.html
12:56 AM | allofthemath: mathed-potatoes: When people ask me how I can be...
allofthemath: mathed-potatoes: When people ask me how I can be a math major and still say I’m not good with numbers, I’m like ‘here, let me draw you a picture.’ All so true. ^For those that are considering majoring in math but are deterred by their lack of number skills, there’s definitely more to mathematics than simply numbers. (I’m not dissing stats or number theory or algebra though. Those are cool too!)

September 13, 2014

2:12 PM | Hey, I was wondering if you can explain this post on your tumblr post/93506839901/underthesymmetree-fibonacci-you-crazy with the use of cycloids?
This took me a while to wrap my head around. Basically, the shapes are generated every time the faster one “passes” the slower one. In the first example, we had 13 and 8, so in one full cycle the faster one passes the slower one 5 times. Each time, it generates a cardioid. Cardioid are epicycloids, as seen here. Since each pass will occur in an identical amount of time, we end up with rotational symmetry. Forgive my poor drawing skills:  It’s easy to miss the fact that they are […]
1:39 AM | ioanaiuliana21: Land of mathematics
ioanaiuliana21: Land of mathematics

September 12, 2014

11:38 PM | "You should not trust functions whose derivative is unbounded!"
“You should not trust functions whose derivative is unbounded!” - Real analysis professor (via mathprofessorquotes)
11:35 AM | Teaching math through percussive dance
Malke Rosenfeld uses percussive dance to teach math to her elementary students. The program is called Math in Your Feet. …Tags: education, math, teaching
10:00 AM | Extinctions and animal species at risk
Data journalist Anna Flagg for ProPublica reported on animal species at higher risk of extinction. Animal species are going extinct …Tags: animals, extinction, ProPublica
6:16 AM | Take a rectangle, and cut it along a random line, then flip one...
Take a rectangle, and cut it along a random line, then flip one of the pieces over to make a new shape. Repeating this gives a sequence of random shapes with an increasing number of corners. Note if your starting shape is a circle, it doesn’t change. [code]
1:35 AM | "Don’t date boys. You will get pregnant and die. Do calculus instead."
“Don’t date boys. You will get pregnant and die. Do calculus instead.” - High school calculus teacher (via mathprofessorquotes)
1:11 AM | matthen: A roulette traced from rolling an ellipse inside a...
matthen: A roulette traced from rolling an ellipse inside a circle. [thanks] [code]

September 11, 2014

11:00 PM | Photo
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9:52 PM | dinosauradvocate: proofmathisbeautiful posted this...
dinosauradvocate: proofmathisbeautiful posted this today: http://proofmathisbeautiful.tumblr.com/post/93404320217/ketchuprocket-all-the-other-humans-fucking I felt the need to do the math out. m is the weight of the corner weights, M is the table’s weight, and L is the side length of the table. h is how far the table is from the ceiling, and theta is the shown angle. Theta seemed useless to me, so my final answer included the other variables. Now, if you want to do this with a specific […]
4:11 PM | Chart-Topping Songs as Graphs and Diagrams
I couldn't resist.Tags: featured, poster
10:46 AM | Dont really know much about this dude.. but i was on youtube...
Dont really know much about this dude.. but i was on youtube looking for some social media tips and this guy’s face popped up!  Love it!  Here is the direct link to the youtube video! hope you enjoy it to!
10:36 AM | A Truncated Story of Infinity
A Truncated Story of Infinity, a short film by Paul Trillo, explores the infinite possibilities in the mundane and everyday …Tags: infinity, short film
9:23 AM | Math + Wobbly Tables
Think you will never use math in the real world? Check out this fix for a table with a bad case of the wobbles via LifeHacker.
5:00 AM | Remembering 9-11 and a Long Walk Home
I've pretty much used up the math metaphors for the Twin Towers years ago, so I don't have another comic commemorating the event. Maybe next year. On the other hand, I do have something that I wrote a few years ago in another forum. People from around the country participated, and I was one of the "locals" to the Event there. My story is just one of the millions that could be told that day, and it's hardly one of the more frightening, nor one of bravery and heroism. It's just a first-hand […]
4:28 AM | A roulette traced from rolling an ellipse inside a circle....
A roulette traced from rolling an ellipse inside a circle. [thanks] [code]

September 10, 2014

7:18 PM | Double tribar 4
Double tribar 4   by Andreas Aronsson   http://im-possible.info/english/art/computer/andreas-aronsson.html#double-tribar4
4:21 PM | Generative book covers
The New York Public Library is developing an eBook-borrowing system, which includes an app that helps you keep track of …Tags: book covers, NYPL
7:12 AM | Beat Blox
Beat Blox is a student project by Per Holmquist from Beckmans College of Design. Blocks are placed on a turntable, …Tags: beats, music
5:00 AM | (x, why?) Mini: HOTS!
(Click on the comic if you can't see the full image.) (C)Copyright 2014, C. Burke.Should've thought that out more ... at a higher order.
12:11 AM | The Book Bucket Challenge
ioanaiuliana21: TheBookBucketChallenge is a great thing… And I thought that I should do it for you.. So here are (in no specific order) the books that influenced me, mathematical speaking… 1.’The elephant in the classroom : helping children learn and love maths’ by Jo Boaler2.’Alex’s Adventures in Numberland’ by Alex Bellos 3.’What Counts: How Every Brain is Hardwired for Math’ by Brian Butterworth4.’The Science of Secrecy - The secret history of codes and […]
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